What is group buy?

Group Buy Means you get premium tools to access on an affordable price as compared to original price. These accounts are for the medium users of SEO Tools. If you are heavy usage people please don’t purchase

However if you have a secret data or you don’t want to let others see, so Groupbuy is not for you, buy dedicated or private accounts. We provide group buy accounts for limited usage at a very affordable price.

Can Saved Compaigns can Be seen By Others?
We run a Groupbuy service and all accounts are shared among members. Each member in the Group Buy have his own business, no one has time to see what others are doing.

However if you have a secret data or you don’t want to let others see, so Groupbuy is not for you, buy dedicated or private accounts. We provide group buy accounts for limited usage at a very affordable price.

Does your software have Virus?
No, our software is custom made. It is an unsigned software version, thus requires admin access to run the software. If you are using Windows click on (Run anyway) option when you open our software.

Our software is 100% malware or virus free.

Refund issue?
All subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time, they want. But they will not eligible to ask for refund if there is no issue from our side. Normally we solve all the issues related to payments, accounts, tools within 24 to 72 hours max ETA.

We only provide a refund, if you ask for a refund within 24 hours of access. After 24 hour of access to the tools, we cannot provide any refund.

Proxy Login Safe or secure?
We provide access to the tools via Proxy login credentials in our software. Many clients are continuously asking is it safe or secure?

It is totally a secure procedure, in this way we can continuously monitor our users and check them if they are abusing our accounts or not.
In this way each user has its own unique proxy credential and all users are using our service with our particular static ip so that the tools will not be banned if users login from different locations.

Can i share the Login details with other?
No, NOT AT ALL. sharing of any of our SEO tools software or login details is strictly prohibited. We have a very strict monitoring of accounts and will ban you forever if you share our group buys accounts.
If your IP is logged in from more than 2 IP (Computers), then we will ban your account.
Any Trail or Video tutorial?
We provide 7 days free trial account at just $5. Click here to buy now and then $9.99 per month. After purchasing a trial account, message us on Facebook. Link here and will be updated within 6 hours manually. If you want to get instant access, please purchase our monthly pack. Here

You can watch our video, this will give you a clear picture, how you will get access to the tools.

How to access the tools?


How you provide access?
Please note that we have tested our software via several antivirus programs, our software is completely in-house modified and there is no virus (including Malware, Trojan Horse etc) in it.

However, it connects the internet via built-in proxy and transmits passwords of the tools from our website (https://pitorr.org) to SEO tools official websites, therefore some antivirus treats it as the virus.
Please add our browser in the exception list of your Antivirus program. We assure you that our program is completely virus free and we do not gather any personal data from our users. Our service is trusted by 5000+ internet marketers worldwide, we respect the trust of our users, we never gather any kind of data.

Works in Windows, Mac or Linux?

Our software works only on Windows. But if you are MAC or Linux users, we also provide access through a Remote desktop connection or by using Chrome extension – Limited access to tools.

Why extra charges for MAC and Linux uses?
For Windows user, you can easily use our software to access, since our software is windows build (.exe) But For MAC users, we recommend using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to access our software, which cost us extra money as well as for extension.

Also, note that MAC user needs to pay $5 extra for RDP Access. If you already have RDP, no need to purchase RDP.

Any Limitation in the accounts?
Yes, there are limitations to some of the SEO tools. We block bulk features such as APIs, OpenApps etc. in some of the SEO tools too in order to prevent abuse. All these accounts are shared group buy accounts and are meant mainly for light to medium usage. We would not allow any single customer to abuse the account resulting problems for the rest of the customers. For normal users, these accounts work perfectly fine.
Are all tools working?
We try our best to check all tools regularly and maintain them very well. But in the rare case that any of the tools is not working on any particular day, please inform us, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. If it becomes impossible for us to continue any particular tool in any of our group buy packages at any time in the future, we will inform you and try to provide you with replacement tools within 24 hours.
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